Polls is an optional feature that is available for Plus and Professional-tier events.

Polls is a great and easy-to-use feature that will ensure your participants know that their opinions matter. Polls can be used as an engagement feature both before, during and after an event. You can also schedule Polls to be active between specific times as desired. 

Most people use this feature to gather feedback and opinions from participants, either before or after a specific session, or about the event. Individual Polls and Poll results can be visible or hidden to participants, making this a feature you as an organizer can use for many different purposes. It is also an AV-Friendly feature, allowing you to project the poll on stage, and show live results while the audience cast their votes.  

To activate Polls, indicate in the event request form that you would like to use this feature or contact our support and we'll be happy to set it up for you. Once Polls have been activated you can start adding polls by going to "Polls" in the "Modules" category of the main menu.


How to add a new poll in your event app

  1. Click the button "Add new" 
  2. Type the subject of the poll in the text box "Type poll name..." 
  3. Set the times and date during which you'd like the Poll to be active/visible to participants
  4. Decide whether or not you want the results to be visible in the app by ticking or un-ticking the box entitled "show results in app". If the box is ticked (as demonstrated in the image below), the results will show in the app.
  5. Add the responses you'd like participants to choose from in the "question text" text box. To add more responses to the Poll, start typing in the first box and a new box will appear underneath. 
  6. Click the "save" button




Changing the order in the responses is quick and easy. 'Drag-and-drop' the the button marked in red placing the response in the position you'd like it to appear within the app.




How to project Polls with Live Results (AV)

To project a Poll with live results, click on the "get projector link" button on the Poll you want to show. A new window will pop up. Set the default language for the poll, and copy-paste the link shown in the pop up window. Alternatively you can click on the "try it now" link.

A new window will open with the Poll, showing live voting results in real time. You can also show the final results of closed polls.


A new window will appear showing the results. For best results when projecting results on stage, click on the 'full screen' icon in the top left of the screen to enter full screen mode.




What do the different buttons mean?

The Poll is active and visible. Participants can vote via the app.
Schedule it now
Deactivates the Poll. The poll will only be visible at the pre-set scheduled time.
Edit Poll text, time, visibility to participants etc.
Deletes the Poll.




How to read polls

Once a Poll is live, you will have full insight into the voting results, using the dashboard. In the picture below, you can see that 2 participants voted for 'Daily', 'Once or twice per week', and 'Every week', while the two other responses got 0 votes. 




Any Questions? If you have any questions that haven't been covered in this article, feel free to contact our support for further assistance.