Q&A is an optional feature that is available for Plus and Professional-tier events.

Q&A is a great way to keep your participants engaged both before, during and after an event. You can even pre-set Q&As to specific times. 

This feature is popular among clients for gathering questions from participants to the speaker, allowing the speaker to answer these questions on stage. This can be done seamlessly by projecting questions onstage, taking advantage of the feature's AV-Friendly aspect.

To activate Q&A, indicate in the event request form that you would like to use the feature or contact our support and we'll be happy to set it up for you. Once Q&As have been activated, you can start adding Q&A topics (themes on which participants can ask questions through the app) using "Open Questions" in the "Modules" category of the main menu.


How to add a new Q&A topic

  1. Click the button "Add new" 
  2. Type your Q&A topic in the box entitled "Type question here" 
  3. Set the time and date during which you want the question to be active/visible to participants
  4. Choose whether or not you'd like questions to be moderated or not by selecting/unselecting the 'tick box'. If you'd like questions to be moderated before becoming visible to participants, ensure the tick box is unselected - a moderator will need to approve the questions that have been submitted. You can read more about this in the moderator section below. 
  5. Click the "save" button



How to moderate questions

To moderate questions, click the 'Manage answers' button on the question you want to moderate. A new window will open. 

To approve a question, click the 'Approve' button on the right of the question. The question will now be approved, and change color from yellow to green.

To unapprove a question you have previously approved, click the button 'disapprove' and the question will no longer show. If you'd like to permenantly delete the question from the list, click the 'trash can' icon on the right-hand side. 



How to project the Q&A results live (AV)

To project the question and live results click on the "get projector link" button on the question you'd like to show. A new window will pop up. Set your default language, and copy the link in the window or click on the "try it now" link.

A new window will open with the question and the live results.


What do the different buttons mean?

The Q&A topic is active and visible. Participants can submit questions via the app.
Schedule it now
Deactivates the question. It will only be visible to participants during the scheduled time.
Edit a question text, time, visibility to participants etc.
Deletes the question.


Any Questions? If you have any questions that has not been covered in this article, feel free to contact our support for further assistance.