Push notifications are a great way to keep your participants updated on the latest changes and to make them feel welcome at your event. They can also serve to showcase exhibitors and sponsors to let them attract greater attention from participants. We have designed our push notification functionality to make it easy to manage, for example with scheduled push notifications. This allows you to set-and-forget future notifications.

Getting started

To manage push notifications, click "Push Notifications" in the main menu and then "Send Notifications". This will take you to a page showing you a list of sent and scheduled notifications on the right side, and a form to create new notifications on the left.

Create a new notification

To set up a new notification, you can choose between 4 different modes. Note that some of the modes may not be available depending on your event tier:

Send to all app users
This option lets you send a push notification to participants of all the events that have been added to the app (both past and future events).
Send to current event
This option lets you send a push notification to the current event. Make sure you have selected the correct event in the drop down menu at the top left of the dashboard.
Send to groups
This option lets you send a push notification to a sub-segment of the participant list. For more information see the paragraph below on "User Segmentation"
Send to individual participant
This option lets you send a push notification to one single participant.

Once you have decided who shall receive the notification, continue to add a title and text. When adding text, we recommend keeping it short as experience has shown that short messages are much more likely to be read than longer ones.

Depending on your event tier, you may also have the option of scheduling notifications to be sent at a particular time. To do this, mark the checkbox and fill in the date and time you would like to send the notification. Please make sure that the time zone is set correctly.

After scheduling a notification, you can cancel it by clicking the red "Cancel Message" button in the list on the right side of the page. Shortly after a notification has been successfully sent, metrics will appear with data showing the number of recipients.

To upgrade your event to a tier that supports scheduling and user segmentation please contact our support and we'll be happy to sort this for you. 


User segmentation

To send a push notification to sub-segments/groups of participants, you'll first need to set up the segment. To get started click on "Push Notifications" in the main menu and then select "User Segmentation".

In this view you can see a list of the segments that you have already defined, and you can create new segments. To create a new segment click "+ Add new group". Type in a name for the group, and an optional description to make it easier for you to distinguish this group at a later stage.

Add single participants to segment

Once the group has been created, you can add participants to it. To add a single particpant, start typing the name of the participant in the textbox. As the name appears, click on it. You can add multiple participants before clicking "+ Add x email(s)", adding them to the segment.

Bulk-add participants to segment

Alternatively, you can bulk-add participants to a segment by marking the "Bulk" checkbox and pasting e-mail addresses, separated by a comma, of all the participants you would like to bulk-add. After the email addresses have been successfully validated, click the "+ Add x email(s)" button to add the participants to the segment.


Any Questions? If you have any questions that has not been covered in this article, feel free to contact our support for further assistance.