There are two main ways to manage which participants have access to the app. The first is using our dashboard and adding or importing the participants directly to the app. The second option is to integrate with one of our partners and automatically import changes to the participant list from their systems. In this article we will focus on the first approach, however if you are interested in setting up an integration please contact our team and we'll help you to get started.

Getting started

In apps that have restricted user access, only those added to the participant list will have access to sign into the event. 

To access participant management, click "Event Guide", then "Participants". From here you can click on existing participants to view / edit / remove their participant account. While editing a participant you also have the option to make a participants profile publicly viewable to app users, or make it private.

By default the app will never display a participant's e-mail address unless the participant has opted for this themselves.

To add a single participant click "+ Add new Participant". The 'first name' and 'last name' fields, as well as a unique e-mail address, are compulsory fields. As a participant signs in, they will have the option to complete their profile and upload a profile photo.


Importing Participants via Excel 

In order to make it as easy as possible for you to add your event's participants to your event app, we have created an option to bulk-import them via Excel.

Before we get started it's important to state that participants are identified by their email address. For this reason all participants will need to be registered with a unique email address. If multiple participant entries with the same email address are found in the spreadsheet, they will not be added to the participant list.

Does that mean I'll have to go through every single participant entry before I submit the list? 
Don't worry, our system will detect and give you a list of duplicates at the end of the import so you can double-check these entries and import them again with a unique email address.

After the initial import, you are able to import a list of additional participants or a list with updated information about existing participants at any time, and our system will add the new participants while updating the exiting ones.

If you would like to remove a participant, you'll have to manually search for this participant, click to edit, and choose "Delete".

Importing Participants

After the participants are uploaded to your event, they will have access to the event, and will now appear in the participant list if you chose to include this in your app.


Any Questions? If you have any questions that have not been covered in this article, feel free to contact our support for further assistance.