The EE - EventHub app has various features to give the event "your look". This article will explain the different ways you can achieve this as well as the the specifications for image sizes etc. All of these details should be submitted in the form for requesting a new event.


For each event you can chose a primary color and primary font color. It is important that the primary font color is readable on top of your primary color.

Format: Hexadecimal (ex. #000000). If you don't know the hexadecimal value you can use this tool to convert from other color values.


The following images can be added to your event:

ImageImage size (width x height)
Max File Size
Event Logo
Will be displayed on top of the main menu and feed.
960 x 360 pxPNG/JPG1mb
Event Icon
Will be displayed in the event list.
1024 x 1024 pxPNG/JPG1mb
Event Splash Screen
Will be displayed when the event is opened and whenever the app is started while the participant is in this event.
1080 x 1920 pxPNG/JPG1mb

Although we strongly recommend it, it is not required to add any images to your app.

We have prepared a Sketch-template for you, that you can use to design the graphics. If you need help designing them get in touch with our support and our team can help you out.