You can either use our excel import feature to set up the agenda, or you can manually add sessions.

Excel Import

Manually Building the Agenda

To set up the agenda for your event, there are a couple of steps to follow. We recommend setting up the agenda in the following order:

  1. Add Locations
  2. Add Sessions

1. Adding locations

Locations in the app can be anything from the name of a meeting room to the name of a hotel or a train station. The locations will appear in the agenda view of the app as well as on the session details page.

To access locations, click "Event Guide" in the menu followed by "Locations". To add a new location, click "+ Add new location", enter a name and select a color before you click "Save".

To make it easier for you to work with various locations in the dashboard, you can choose a color for each location. Note that this color will not appear in the app, it will only appear in the dashboard.

If you would like to edit a location, click "Edit" on the location you want to change, make your changes, and click "Save" to push the changes to the app. 

2. Adding Sessions

Once locations are set up, it's time to add sessions to your agenda. Under "Event Guide" in the menu, click "Schedule" to see a full overview of your agenda.

To add a new session, select the location of the event and click "+ Add session".

The following fields are available for a session:

The title of the session. This will be displayed in the agenda as well as on the session details page.
Description of the session. This will be displayed on the session details page. For readability, we recommend keeping the description to max. 400 characters.
If a session spans more than one day, you'll need to add the session for each day in order for it to appear correctly in the agenda.
Start time & End time
If you would like to display only the start time, please set the end time to the same value as the start time.
Priority (Optional)
If you have multiple sessions starting at the same time, you can use the 'priority' value to order them. Sessions with a higher priority value will appear below sessions with lower values.

Once you've typed in the session details, press "Save" to create the session. After you save it, options to add links, speakers and tracks will appear.

Use links to add resources such as handouts, presentations or webpages to the session.
To add a speaker, click the 'edit' symbol in the Speakers box and begin typing the name of the speaker you would like to add. As the full name appears, click on it to add the speaker to the session. Remember to click save in order for your changes to go live.

Please see this article for more information on adding speaker profiles to the app.
For more information about tracks, please refer to this article.


Any Questions? If you have any questions that have not been covered in this article, feel free to contact our support for further assistance.