To add speakers to your event, select "Event Guide" from the menu, followed by "Speakers". If you already have speakers added, you will see them listed here. To edit a speaker, simply click on the speaker in the list and you'll be taken to the "Edit Speaker" page.

Working with speakers through Excel

Manually adding a new speaker

To add a new speaker, click on the "+ Add New Speaker" button in the top right corner the page. Fill in the details you would like to appear on the speaker's public profile in the app. The first name, last name and company are compulsory fields. The other information fields can be filled in or left blank as desired.

While these details may appearing the app, the app will never label this info with the term "Company" or "Position", so feel free to fill in these fields with any information you'd like to appear underneath the speaker's name in the list and on their profile pages, including information not relating to Company or Position.

To upload a picture of the speaker, click "Change Picture" underneath the profile image. As many of the participants will use mobile data connections to sync the app, we recommend keeping the image sizes as small as possible to avoid unnecessary data traffic and to optimize the app loading time.

Images need to be in .JPG or .PNG format. You will have the option to crop speaker photos before uploading them to the app.

You can assign a speaker to a session in the session details page. Click here for more information about adding sessions to your agenda.


Any Questions? If you have any questions that have not been covered in this article, feel free to contact our support for further assistance.