This article intends to guide you through the first steps of creating your an event in the EventEye - EventHub app. 


Step 1: Requesting a new event

To get started please fill out this form to order a new event in the app. If you haven't got the password to access the form get in touch with us ( and we'll help you in. This form contains all the information we need to prepare your event and get you started.

Graphics: The EventHub-app gives you the opportunity to add a custom splash-screen for your event, along with an icon that will be displayed alongside your event in the event list. You can upload these graphics in the form above if you would like to use add them to your event. Need help designing the graphics? Contact our team and we'll help you out.

Step 2: Setting up the content

Within 1 business day of requesting the event it will be ready and the administrators you named in the request form will have received login details for the control panel where they can manage all the content for your event.

Our help center is filled with useful articles and video guides to help you get started setting up the content in your event. 

Want to see how the event looks like in the app? Add yourself as a participant and then download the app from to check it out.

Step 3: Sharing the event with your participants

When you are ready and happy with the content of your event it is time to share it with the participants.

First, make sure you have imported the participants so they will be able to find the event in the app.

Once your participants have been imported you can go ahead and e-mail them an invitation to download the app. It's your job to send this e-mail but we have prepared templates that you can use and customize as you'd like to get started.

Thats it, you are ready to roll! Good luck with the event and feel free to reach out to our support if you need any assistance!